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12 Signs You Grew Up Catholic According to Catholic Twitter Users

I've seen so many funny and cool signs on Twitter that you grew up Catholic. Here's a compiled list, and check out all of these Twitter pages while you're at it! 1. Drinking your grape juice at home and pretending you were receiving the blood of Christ at Mass (@rocatholicyouth). 2. Being every part in the nativity scene Christmas pageant at some point in your life (@catholicswag10). 3. The good old days of "And also with you" and "Lord, I am not worthy to receive you" (@comcatholicgirl). 4. Feeling VIP because you were chosen to carry up the gifts during Mass (@battle4faith). 5. Dressing up for First Communion like it's your wedding (@comcatholicgirl). 6. Going to Confession for the first time was terrifying (@CallahanBelt). 7. Always having to leave your sleepovers early for church in the morning (@RVesendes_). 8. And you know that the silly songs with Larry stuck with you much better than the actual Bible story did (@queenawks). 9. When in pain, I was never told "walk it off" or "man up," rather I was told "offer it up." (@CatholicComedie). 10. Memorizing as many Saints' feast days as possible and showing off whenever the opportunity arises (@CatholicPrblm). 11. Staying 30 minutes late to Mass because your mom and dad are talking to their friends (@CathoGent). 12. Flipping through the hymnals to find the next song as fast as possible (@CatholicPrblm). Your Laughing Sister, Callahan Check out the SHE CAN LAUGH quotes page for more inspiration!


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