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20 Signs You're a Catholic College Kid


"So too, you also must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come."

~Matthew 24:44

1. You can name all twelve disciples.

2. You're super happy every time you get to receive Jesus during Holy Communion.

3. Becoming a part of religious life is another career option.

4. You were shocked as a kid when you found out Cain killed Abel.

5. If you're family hasn't been asked to bring up the Gifts during Mass several times you're lying.

6. You pray everyday for your future spouse.

7. You always have a rosary on hand.

8. Different parishes do things different ways, but your parish is the best.

9. Zacchaeus is the first person you think of for the letter Z in Catholic ABCs.

10. Every time someone mentions Mary you can't help but get excited.

11. Catholic pick-up lines are the best.

12. When your professor makes a biblical reference in class.

13. Planning your weekend based on what Mass you're going to.

14. "Alright Lord, we need to talk!" ***Heads straight to the Chapel***

15. Using the Lord's Name in vain is worse than swearing.

16. People think you're an absolute angel.

17. Sending up a prayer before every test or exam.

18. Kicking yourself every time you forget to say morning prayers.

19. Meeting a really cute guy/girl at church and hoping he/she isn't called to join the priesthood/religious life.

20. Always knowing that God has got your back.

Your Laughing Sister,


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