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50 More Ways to Give Thanks

Updated: May 20, 2020


"Then I will thank you in the great assembly; I will praise you before the mighty throng."

~Psalms 35:18

In usual SheCanLaugh fashion, I am a week late in celebrating Thanksgiving! I promise I am working on my timing, but I still wanted to give thanks for the wonderful past year to our Lord! So without further ado, here are 50 more ways to give thanks this year!

1. Water (I have more recently started appreciating this one)

2. Daughtry (If they are not your favorite band, than you're doing something wrong)

3. Pictures (I honestly think this is the best way to keep memories)

4. Ice cream (how did I know mention this last year?)

5. Hymnals (apart from receiving Jesus, singing praise and worship is my favorite part of going to mass)

6. Hats (the comfy ones, the fashionable ones, and the ones that are both)

7. Glasses (since I now have to wear mine more, I definitely appreciate the fact that they help me see better)

8. Sudoku (great brain teasers, I'm telling you)

9. Superman (I don't really have to explain this one)

10. Movies and TV (let's keep them appropriate though, okay?)

11. A wonderful church community (so many friends and events!)

12. Jane Austen (Call me a nerd, but Jane Austen is literally the best author)

13. Planners (how did I survive without one for 20 years?)

14. Newly ordained bishops, priests, deacons, and religious life (pray for more people to have a calling for a vocation in religious life!)

15. Pandora (I'm a little late to the party on this too, but Pandora is honestly awesome)

16. Fairytales (imagination opens the mind to endless possibilities)

17. Catholic Twitter (check out @CatholicClassy, @CatholicCharism, and @CatholicRevivl, to name a few)

18. Ireland (GUESS WHAT? I'm visiting Ireland this summer!!!)

19. Keys (when you think about it, keys are among the most useful things to have in today's world)

20. Flowers (poppies are my favorite!)

21. Detroit (so I'm a little biased here--but Detroit is actually such a cool city!)

22. Birthdays (my 20th birthday was by far one of my favorites!)

23. Tea (it's so soothing, especially when you're under the weather)

24. Catholic resources (check out Blessed Is She, Leah Darrow, the Chastity Project, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)

25. The continued growth of SheCanLaugh (y'all are amazing!)

26. Art (photography, painting, drawing, ceramics, and the works)

27. New opportunities (we must always be on the lookout for exciting new opportunities)

28. Broadway shows (I pray that everyone has the chance to see a Broadway show, as they are truly amazing!)

29. Teachers and professors (they have a seriously difficult job in putting up with all of us crazies)

30. Sunshine (I feel God's presence so beautifully when the sun shines!)

31. Our SheCanLaugh contributing writers (who are beautiful writers)

32. Shopping (I swear I don't have an addiction to shopping--which is absolutely a lie)

33. The fact that Jesus died to save ALL OF US (how awesome is He?)

34. Horseback riding (one of my favorite outdoor activities to do when I get the chance)

35. Smiles (what is more inviting than a smile?)

36. Hair products (I don't know about y'all, but my hair is a frizzy mess without some hair product)

37. Christmas lights (as Christmas is my favorite season, I love everything that comes with it!)

38. Backpacks (they sure are nifty things to help carry around all that school stuff)

39. Rosaries (not just the prayer, but the actual rosaries with beads--I would loose count without them)

40. Couches (second-best to beds)

41. Patience (a virtue I do not have but am working on)

42. Skype and FaceTime (I love being able to actually see my family and friends this way while I'm away at school)

43. VeggieTales (so much joy in my childhood comes from VeggieTales)

44. Pope Francis (he's such an inspiring person!)

45. Chocolate (need I say more?)

46. Arrows (do I need a legitimate reason for this? I just like them, alright....)

47. The Internet (again, please keep this appropriate)

48. Color (I love the vibrance color gives our world, especially my favorite color: RED)

49. Heritage (we all have one, and it often tells us a lot about our family and the part we play in history)

50. Our Lord, Jesus Christ (I saved the best for last!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Laughing Sister,


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