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50 Ways to Give Thanks


"In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus."

~1 Thessalonians 5:18

Here at SheCanLaugh, we always believe in giving thanks to the Lord, even if it is a bit late! Yes, I am fully aware that Thanksgiving was this past Thursday, and yes, I know that I could've posted this sooner, like last week or something. But in my defense, there is a) never a bad day to give thanks and praise to God, and b) I was also celebrating the holiday with my family, so therefore this post is happening now. So what do I have to be thankful for? I've made a list for you all. Feel free to add to it if you like! 1. Family and friends (obviously) 2. Shelter and safety (again, obviously) 3. Food and water (still very obvious) 4. Education (yay for learning!) 5. Books (note to self: make more time to read) 6. Music (yeah, that includes Taylor Swift, Adele, and all those other musicians that I listen to) 7. Health (however, when you're not in good health, offer it up!) 8. Movies and entertainment (as long as they are appropriate, of course) 9. Cell phone (this is something I feel I cannot live without, unfortunately) 10. Role models who support my Christian lifestyle (this could be anyone you look up, including family, friends, or even people you haven't met yet) 11. Nature and God's creatures (I love my dog to pieces!) 12. Boys (it's alright to laugh at this one--I am, however, very thankful for the opposite sex, as all of us should be) 13. Mary, the Mother of God (she's pretty awesome, right?) 14. Saints and angels (I have to be thankful for our biggest role models to getting into Heaven) 15. Pinterest (that website is magical, I swear) 16. All of the brothers and sisters I have met through Twitter this year (@CollegeSem, @CatholicRevivl, @CatholicClassy, to name a few) 17. My computer (unfortunately, this is also something I feel I can't live without) 18. Clothes (I am not afraid to admit how much of a girl I am when it comes to fashion) 19. All of my loved ones who have died (Noreen, this is for you) 20. Living in a relatively free country (we've got things to work on, but at least I have basic freedoms here in the U.S. of A.) 21. Money (I am a poor college student, but the fact that I am in college says that God has provided me with enough money to figure out my career) 22. God's mercy (what would we do without it?) 23. Drive-throughs at fast food places (it's nice not having to get out of the car in the rain) 24. Blankets (they're fuzzy and soft--need I say more?) 25. Laughter (we're all about laughter here at SheCanLaugh) 26. Marching Band/Color Guard/sports in general (just because I don't play a well-known sport doesn't mean I don't get my exercise and discipline from it) 27. Life (apparently, not everyone has the right to live...*abortion*) 28. Holidays (I love it when I get to see my family for special occasions!) 29. Shoes (man, do I love shoe shopping) 30. Vacations (and the traveling that I have yet to do!) 31. Being able to write and run SheCanLaugh (even my mom said she was surprised I lasted on the Internet this long)! 32. Michigan (as strange as the weather is here, it is home) 33. Employment (I work as a desk associate in my Residential Hall at school, and it is hands-down the best job ever!) 34. The Bible (talk about words of wisdom) 35. Office supplies (and boy, do they come in handy) 36. Showers (especially hot showers) 37. Access to a Church (it's about a 7-minute walk to my parish, praise the Lord) 38. Ability to communicate (I mean the kind of communicating done without technology) 39. My bed (once I get in it I never want to get out because it's so comfy) 40. The changing of seasons (it's refreshing to wake up one day and find that it's spring!) 41. Traffic lights (how chaotic would the roads be without them?) 42. Harry Potter (this one is self-explanatory) 43. Trampolines (my family recently got one, and it is so much fun to jump and bounce on) 44. Cars (despite what they do to our environment, they are highly convenient) 45. Sleep (which is such a peaceful gift from God) 46. Humor (especially Catholic humor) 47. Change (as hard as it can be to go through, it keeps us balanced and focused on the path God wants us to take)

48. Sparkles/glitter (we need fun accessories to enable us to shine!) 49. My wonderful supporters and followers of SheCanLaugh (y'all rock!) 50. Jesus Christ (you thought I'd forgotten about Him, didn't you?) Happy Thanksgiving! Your Laughing Sister, Callahan

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