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A Sister Like Jackie


"Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace."

~Proverbs 3:17

I turned to my sister Jackie (you all may know her as my guest writer on SheCanLaugh, Jacqueline Rae), and said, "I need some inspiration for this week's article. Got any ideas?" She stood there for a brief second before saying, "Have you prayed about it?"

It is moments like these that I truly see the good in Jackie, where I truly see why God has put her on this earth, and how He is working through her. It was almost as if I was looking right into the face of God, telling me that I didn't have to look any further than His love and wisdom to get the answers I wanted.

When the people in our lives can give us that kind of insight into our Lord, we should acknowledge that we have been blessed with something special. And I really have been blessed to have a sister like Jackie, someone who is always keeping me on my toes about faith and constantly challenging me to strive for a better relationship with God.

I didn't think that the inspiration for this week's article would come in the form of me raving about how awesome my twin sister is, but giving thanks to God for what we have is just as important as praying to Him when we are in need of assistance. And maybe it's just hitting me now, but I need to give thanks to God for giving me Jackie.

Think about it: I have someone my own age, who has gone through a vastly different life experience, at my side no matter where I am. I have a twin sister whom I get to share birthdays and holidays and graduations with. Someone to go to school with and hang out with. More importantly, I have a sister whom I get to grow with. Our lives may be different, but we still understand each other on a level that no one else can. How cool is that?

Jackie leaves for the Holy Land this week, and I could not be more happy that she is getting to spend time with Jesus on her trip! Send up a couple prayers for her and for all world travelers this week!

So, Jackie, you probably didn't know that you were going to be the subject for my article this week, but hey, if anything, I'm here for embarrassment! I hope you have a wonderful time, and know that I am thankful for you every day!

Your Laughing Sister,


Be sure to check out Jackie's blog, From Convent to College!


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