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A Social Media Rant


"I look to the faithful of the land to sit at my side. Whoever follows the way of integrity is the one to enter my service."

~Psalms 101:6

Have you ever seen a magazine or some other social media website with a headline that says something like, "Taylor Swift's Twitter War with Demi Lovato"? (Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato have NOT had a Twitter war as far as I know, I just picked two really famous people as an example.) I like to read those stories and see what the drama is about, but to be honest, they are usually the stupidest things on the Internet. The only people that are embarrassing themselves in those kind of headlines are the people who it's about and the people who published it. So why do we pay attention to this kind of thing?

I think a big reason is because we see it on social media; everyone sees it on social media, and so to keep up, we do too. Now, I'm a huge advocate for social media - I use it quite a bit and I like using it. I find it fascinating to see what people are doing in their lives and read other people's thoughts. I think there is a lot to gain from others' perspectives, which is probably why I started SheCanLaugh in the first place and added social media accounts for it. ​ But social media can also be a not-so-good thing. Here are my reasons why: 1. Practically anything can be said to anyone with little consequence. Many people take to social media to bully others because they can do so behind a screen and because they're unlikely to get caught. For example, earlier this year I posted a video on SheCanLaugh's Twitter account of my parents and I silently protesting at Planned Parenthood. About two hours later I received a hateful Tweet from an individual who I will continue to pray for. Although I try to look at this as a good thing because that person ended up making the Tweet reach more people, it still hurt that someone could be so mean to someone they don't even know. That's what social media can be used for though. 2. It can used as a tool to hide rather than speak out for beliefs. If you wouldn't say it to a person's face, what makes you think it's any better on social media? Because no one actually heard you say it? Depending on what name you use on your social media accounts, someone will still know it's you. Also, it's just downright cowardly. If you're going to use social media, you better be prepared to say the same things out loud that you do online. Otherwise, you're dishonest. I once talked to a guy who said he preferred to use Tinder to meet girls so that he wouldn't have to go up and talk to them first. Sorry dude, but that's lame. But it's what social media allows us to do. 3. The things that really matter aren't being talked about. You know that stuff going on in the other part of the world? Yeah, unless I really researched it, I wouldn't be able to tell you much about current events either. (If anyone wants us ladies at SheCanLaugh to research and write on current events, CONTACT us and let us know!) Instead, social media talks about Twitter wars and bikini bodies...which is really important, right? 4. Most of what is promoted does not correlate with the Church's teachings. Maybe that's obvious, but it's still something I wanted to point out. For example, Fifth Harmony released their new music video this week, and while the song is catchy, the lyrics and video are wildly inappropriate. If you're watching or looking at stuff like this on YouTube and other social media sites or apps, then social media isn't the best thing in the world. My intention in discussing all this is to point out that social media is worldly, and God is eternal. I don't want Christians to stop using social media, just be cautious and use it appropriately. I've mentioned before that there are several websites, Facebook, and Twitter accounts that are geared towards spreading the faith, so give them a follow! But also, start speaking up for what is the Truth. Thanks for letting me rant SheCanLaugh readers, and thank you for all of your support that has allowed me to continue writing for you all! Your Laughing Sister, Callahan

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