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Daily Fashion Trends to Watch Out For


"Your adornment should not be an external one: braiding the hair, wearing gold jewelry, or dressing in fine clothes, but rather the hidden character of the heart, expressed in the imperishable beauty of a gentle and calm disposition, which is precious in the sight of God."

~1 Peter 3:3-4

Walking around a college campus all the time, you'd think I'd be used to seeing some pretty interesting fashion choices, but there are days where I'm still surprised at how some people decide to dress themselves. I've talked about appropriate Mass attire before, but I haven't talked about day-to-day style yet. We all know that what we wear everyday is either more relaxed or even fancier than what we wear to church, but what happens when we take our daily fashion too far? Whether we like it or not, God made our bodies to be sacred, and we are not meant to be showing them off to everyone everyday. Here are some things us girls need to watch out for in our everyday outfits: 1. Low-cut tees. Yes, this is a thing. I happen to own a ton of v-neck t-shirts (I really hate crew-neck tops), and something I have to make sure of before I buy a v-neck is if it is too low-cut to wear on its own. I'm not saying you cannot wear something underneath a v-neck shirt, but most people would rather not, and so this is an important thing to note. I promise you don't need a low-cut tee to prove you're fashionable.

2. Crop tops. I see the appeal in these tops - it kind of screams confidence! But I'm going to be honest and say that they don't look very pretty when there is more stomach than shirt showing. If you're going to wear a crop top (and even that is not my favorite choice for an outfit), at least wear some sort of pants or a skirt that reaches above your stomach. Again, I see the appeal, but a bare midriff is closer to wearing a bikini than a shirt.

3. Leggings. But they're so comfy, right? And you can move around in them and stretch in them! Yeah, maybe you can, but unless you are going to work out or something to that effect, leggings are really not flattering on pretty much everyone. To make a statement: LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. *Gasp* I know it's hard to believe, but they aren't, and they never will be. I get the argument, trust me - I'll admit I've worn leggings as though they were pants before, but that doesn't mean it's right. We have other alternatives ladies! Note: This goes for Spandex being worn as shorts and jeans that are way too tight for anyone's' own good - again, not very flattering.

I've really only touched the surface of some fashion trends I see on a daily basis, but please keep in mind your clothing choices everyday--God made you beautiful just the way you are, and you don't need to show anything off to know it! Your Laughing Sister, Callahan

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