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I Want God Forever


"I write these things to you so that you may know that you have eternal life, you who believe in the name of the Son of God. And we have this confidence in him, that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us."

~1 John 5:13-14

Isn't it easy to get caught up in your own life? Maybe you're trying to finish up your school work for the week so you can have some much-needed relaxation time. Maybe you're hoping you'll see that really cute guy again and get the chance to talk to him more. Maybe you're one bad grade away from failing a class, and if you don't work hard enough, you'll never make it through school. Or still maybe your boss at work has given you a ton of grief about a particular assignment, and you would rather just quit now than carry on working for him or her.

If any of us are alike, these are usually issues that go away within days, maybe weeks at the longest. Sometimes we even look back to those problems and wonder why we were so upset about them in the first place when they weren't that big of a deal. But eventually we get caught up in our new temporary problems, and the same cycle happens all over again.

I don't want to live in that cycle anymore. I want to remember at difficult times that I have a purpose, and that that purpose is to get to Heaven and be with God eternally.

Let me ask you all something: When was the last time you just went to the chapel and let out all of your fears, worries, thoughts, convictions, and ideas to the Lord? When was the last time you let yourself become vulnerable in front of our Creator's merciful Hands? I did just last week, and let me tell you, I feel so relieved. I even started crying! With the focus on finals and moving back home for Christmas, I hadn't let myself truly speak to Jesus, and that is probably the biggest mistake we all make every day.

If we aren't relying on God, who are we relying on? Distractions? Family? Friends? Ourselves? We cannot just depend on ourselves to get us through the hard times. We need God there. We need God comforting us and helping us move forward. We need God to talk to. And it's not an excuse to say He already knows everything - He still wants to hear it from us.

So let's try to not be caught up in our own lives. Instead, let's invite God into them! I want God with me in my school work, in my relationships, in my work life, and in my private life. I want God forever, and I want to be with Him forever someday.

Your Laughing Sister,


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I'm a native Michigander and fierce city gal. Armed with my Bible and favorite pair of jeans, my passion is to help young women and girls connect with God through a courageous and faith-filled life. I also love photography, reading, and archery competitions with

my husband, Thomas.

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