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Nervous Girls Are Still Beautifully Strong

Updated: Jun 8


"For he commands his angels with regard to you, to guard you wherever you go."

~Psalms 91:11

Have you ever been nervous about something? I'd be surprised if one of you hasn't. I'm fairly certain that we all get nervous from time to time, especially about the future. How about a nervous breakdown? Common causes for nervous breakdowns include: stress about work, stress about money, stress about friends and family, and stress about life. I recently had one regarding my current unemployed-ness for this summer. After searching and searching for an internship or a job that would pay me, I have so far come up with nothing. And that makes me nervous because I am such a predictable person who likes it when things go as planned--which prevents me from getting nervous or from just being unprepared. But I realized something amidst all that chaos going on in my head: Nervous girls are still beautifully strong. I am still beautifully strong. You are still beautifully strong. We are still beautifully strong. Our nerves can't change that. They can't change the fact that we were made beautifully strong women by a King. They can't change the fact that we always have God fighting for us and to help us face what makes us nervous. Nervous girls are still beautifully strong. That being said, it is perfectly acceptable to have a nervous breakdown from time to time. It is perfectly acceptable to just cry it all out when you get tired of holding it all in. Some may say I'm telling you to act like a baby, but crying doesn’t make you a baby--it makes you an adult. And I’ll tell you why: Crying is a way of admitting that life doesn’t always go the way you want it to, and that you just need a couple minutes to express that kind of disappointment. It doesn’t mean that you don’t work through it or that you give up; it just means that you need a moment to recognize your recent weaknesses and how you’re going to improve upon them. I think that God gave us "nerves" because He wants us to always double check our choices; if we are nervous about something, there's probably a good reason to be nervous. Like if you are a performer, and you get nervous right before you go onstage, those nerves keep you focused so that you can perform to the best of your ability. Or if you are nervous about telling the truth about something, those nerves are there to remind you of the situation you're in and why you're in it. I'm not saying nerves are the, but I think they are helpful if we let them be. So my challenge for you ladies this week is to pray to God that He gives you nerves when you need them, no matter how scared they make you about something unpredictable. And remember: Nervous girls are still beautifully strong. ​Your Laughing Sister, ​Callahan Check out the STRENGTH and BEING GODLY WOMEN quotes pages for more inspiration!


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