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Seeing the Face of God


"Jacob then asked him, 'Please tell me your name.' He answered, 'Why do you ask for my name?' With that, he blessed him. Jacob named the place Peniel, 'because I have seen God face to face,' he said, 'yet my life has been spared.'”

~Genesis 32:30-31

Happy Tuesday SheCanLaugh readers!

I was really struck by today's first reading of Jacob wrestling with a man and prevailing. I have only referenced a part of the reading because I think it is the most important. If you haven't already taken a look at today's reading (it's Genesis 32:23-33), you should (go ahead and read it; this post isn't going anywhere). I'm hoping you've all now read the first reading for today, and if you have, you will notice that the man Jacob "wrestles" with does not give Jacob his name, and so, Jacob names the location where the event takes place Peniel, which means "face or vision of God" (courtesy of Google). I believe this is crucial to understanding Jacob's faith in the Bible; that after having wrestled with this man the whole night, Jacob still looks upon it as God's will, and names it as such.

Another thing you will notice is the powerful statement Jacob makes in verse 31: "'...because I have seen God face to face...yet my life has been spared.'" I want to point something out to you all right now: God did not have to give us everything He has given us, for example, our free will. I mention in my statement for SheCanLaugh that God did not make us puppets on strings; we are free to choose what we want to do. Unfortunately, we all still sin, even when we acknowledge that truth--it's just human nature. It is that to which Jacob is referring: the fact that we have the ability to see God everywhere we go, in everything we do, and in everything we are, and even when we sin and defy our Lord, He will still spare us. God could take everything away from us in the blink of an eye, but it is because He loves us and wants what is best for us that He does not. No matter how many times we look God in the face with sin in our hearts, God will still look upon us with mercy. That's pretty awesome if you ask me! Moral of the story, you've been given a chance to decide for yourself how you will live your life, and whether or not you like it, God wants a part in that. Don't resist His love and His mercy; you only have one life to live your faith on Earth. Your Laughing Sister, Callahan

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