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There is an Opportunity in Heartbreak


"God looks out from the heavens upon the children of Adam, to see if there is a discerning person who is seeking God."

~Psalms 53:2

Life can really hurt sometimes. It can come at you full swing and you may not be prepared to hold out your arm fast enough before it hits you in the face. Every day I see my friends, my sisters, and even girls I don't know experience the heartbreak that seems to grace this earth now more than ever. Whether it's because of family, school, relationships, or medical concerns, ladies seem to express the hurtful emotions that just honestly make us want to sit down and cry, and I can't help but wonder what the point of all that pain is.

I'm sorry I started that so morbidly. This article gets brighter - I promise. You see, as I looked into the eyes of a girl in such pain today, I understood something: there is an opportunity in heartbreak.

Not every girl - or every person, for that matter - is going to take the time to analyze why she may be, in fact, heartbroken. Some people just bury it and do their best to keep it buried so that they can move on forgetfully. It's true that sometimes letting go is the best way to move forward, but there is also power in figuring out what went wrong and why. Isn't that why we go to Confession? We go to apologize for our sins, but we can only do that and be forgiven by God if we understand why those sins are wrong. We aren't likely going to feel better about our mistakes if we apologize for them without knowing why they hurt ourselves and others.

But back to my point, some girls take their heartbrokenness and not only think about how they can be better in the future, but they also lay that pain at the feet of the Lord and give the control to Him. They allow God to give them courage and bravery to take risks that lead to pain, accepting that they may make mistakes along the way. It's an astonishingly humbling experience to be in the presence of girls like that - girls who gracefully set the standard to God as opposed to the world.

I want to be like those girls. I want to set aside the anger that seems to accompany a broken heart and give it to God. I want to let go, but in doing so I want to move forward stronger than ever: stronger in my convictions, stronger in my ability to love those who have hurt me, and stronger in and with Jesus.

We will all find that firm peace of mind if we look to our Creator. We will all have the courage to risk a broken heart if we see God standing on the other side, waiting to comfort us and catch us when we fall.

And let's be real: He'll catch us every time, because He already did on that cross.

Your Laughing Sister,


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