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To All the Moms Out There

Updated: Jun 3


"As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you; in Jerusalem you shall find your comfort."

~Isaiah 66:13

I'm sure many of you have been told and reminded constantly that Mary is our Mother, just as she is the Mother of God. That has got to be one of the coolest roles to play - I mean, not everyone can say that they got to raise Jesus! But she did, and she did it willingly and lovingly. If your moms are anything like my mom, than you've probably had a good life, most likely with memories of your mom patching up your bloody knees when you fell on cement, taking you shopping on the weekends, caring for you when you are too sick to get out of bed, and those long talks about boys, friends, and all of your other relationships. For me, it is easy to say that my mom is awesome, and that she deserves more credit for her hard work than she gets. So let's take a moment, my SheCanLaugh sisters, to pray and be thankful for all of the mothers in this world, no matter what the circumstances for their motherhood are. Pray that they find strength in Mary's motherly mantle, and be thankful that those mothers chose to keep you and everyone else at birth. Allow yourself to talk to Mary about her role as Jesus' mother, and pray for the future of mothers in our world.

I bet your wondering why I've chosen this topic for today - yes, I know it's not Mother's Day! But for me, this day is special because it happens to be my mom's birthday, and I can't help but think how grateful I am that she is my mom! So happy birthday to you, Mom, and congratulations on being the best mother a girl could have! Your Laughing Sister, Callahan

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I'm a native Michigander and fierce city gal. Armed with my Bible and favorite pair of jeans, my passion is to help young women and girls connect with God through a courageous and faith-filled life. I also love photography, reading, and archery competitions with

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