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We Should Look for God First When Searching for Mr. Right


"She opens her mouth in wisdom; kindly instruction is on her tongue."

~Proverbs 31:26

I've recently started reading The Jane Austen Rules by Sinead Murphy, a lovely and informative guide to being a classy woman when searching for love. (Jane Austen is my favorite author, so naturally I had to buy this book when I saw it one day shopping with my mom.) What's so wonderful to me about this guide is that it is written so logically, and so simply, yet its meaning is different for each woman on her journey to finding love.

You ladies all know that I don't really talk about boys or love and all that jazz very much, and that is because I don't have a lot of inspiration in that area. But I've been thinking a lot lately about what kind of relationship would be a good one, and this book helped me come to another question: Does the kind of woman I am now effect the kind of man I want to be with someday? I think it does. I mean, have you ever seriously considered what kind of attention you draw to yourself and how a real man might perceive that?

I'd be lying if I said I didn't act like a complete and utter idiot every time the man I'm crushing on didn't walk by me or said hi to me or whatever; most women from what I understand do the same thing. So here's where The Jane Austen Rules comes in: Murphy points out that no matter how awkward we may be in front of a cute member of the opposite sex, our ability to see that person as a man is key. I want to take that a step further and say that our ability to see that person as a man through God's eyes is even more important.

In all honesty, we should look for God first when searching for Mr. Right, and we should be looking up to the sky and praising our Lord for bringing the perfect man to us. (Men, if you're reading this, you should be doing the same.) Yes, I want to be loved for all of my flaws as well as my talents and skills, but more than that, I want a man to look at me and know that I'm the woman of his dreams because God told him so. That kind of love is genuine and created only through goodness, because God is so good.

I'm slightly saddened by today's men (not every single male on the planet of course, just in general) because they're not looking for God to find us. Ladies, however, do just the same, and I think it's time we started adding God into the mix again. I think it's time we started putting our trust in Him to take our awkwardness with each other and turn it into a lovable grace that we know is a gift from God rather than a quality we simply grow in to.

My mom and dad have both mentioned that they pray for each of my sisters' and my future spouses; my only response can be that the poor men are probably lost somewhere until they take up faith in Jesus Christ.

So are we, ladies. So are we.

Your Laughing Sister,


Want some more inspiration? Go read The Jane Austen Rules by Sinead Murphy!


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