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"The cure for boredom is Pinterest. There is no cure for Pinterest..." -Unknown

"Life is short. Smile while                            you still have teeth."

                       -Mallory Hopkins

"Based on how I react when toast pops our of the toaster, I will never look cool walking away from an explosion." -Unknown

"I was the kid that was actually excited when the teacher told us to read silently." -Unknown

"Happiness is...not having to set the alarm for the next day." -Unknown

"Maybe Harry Potter is real and you're not."

-John Green

"You can't fix crazy. All you can do is document it." -Unknown

"In pizza we crust." -Unknown

"God created men first, 'cause you always make a rough draft before a masterpiece." -Unknown

"I'm going to be the life of the party as long as it ends by 8:00 PM!" -Unknown

"If you want a man with the high character of Darcy, you must first be a lady with the high character of LIzzie. The Darcy's of the world do not seek the Lydia's of the world." -Unknown

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