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A Letter to My Misguided and Fallen Self


"For you will surely have a future, and your hope will not be cut off."

~Proverbs 23:18

So I’d really messed up. I’d let everything going on in my life distract me from my full capabilities. My health, my relationships, my emotions, my thoughts, and my challenges had brought me to my knees in misunderstanding and sorrow.

And now I have to dig myself out of this hole.

The truth is, I have so much to offer. I haven’t come this far to keep treating myself like a child. And the truth is, I’m NOT a child. I haven’t gone through all of these struggles to turn up empty-handed. My truth is, I am ready for bigger things, because I thrive on challenges that demand to be overcome. God has asked so much more from me, and I haven’t been willing to give it.

Really, I’ve been complaining too much, and that’s usually when God seems to put someone in my life telling me to get my act together. Let’s face it—everyone needs that push telling them to step it up and be better. Everyone needs that voice of reason saying, “Yes, I believe in you and I am here to help you achieve your goals!” And those people believe in me the way I sometimes forget to believe in myself.

So what’s next?

Now, I do what I do best: I say a prayer, I pick myself back up, and I prove to others that I can be the best version of myself. I totally have it in me. And the only person stopping me is ME.

Say this prayer of empowerment with me, sisters:


As your daughter,

I have not been treating myself

The way you want me to.

I’ve missed the mark so many times,

But I’m ready to break my fall,

And I’m ready to love myself with Your Love.

I’m ready to seek out my vocation,

And I’m ready to prove to myself and the world

That Your purpose is so much greater

Than anyone could have ever imagined.

Guide me there,

Show me Your fantastic plans for me,

And keep me in Your loving arms the whole way.

Your Daughter,


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