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Becoming Job's Friends


"Now when three of Job’s friends heard of all the misfortune that had come upon him, they set out each one from his own place: Eliphaz from Teman, Bildad from Shuh, and Zophar from Naamath. They met and journeyed together to give him sympathy and comfort. But when, at a distance, they lifted up their eyes and did not recognize him, they began to weep aloud; they tore their cloaks and threw dust into the air over their heads. Then they sat down upon the ground with him seven days and seven nights, but none of them spoke a word to him; for they saw how great was his suffering."

~Job 2:11-13

This Bible verse stuck out to me, particularly the part where it says "none of them spoke a word to him". Job's friends saw his suffering, and just sat there with him, not saying anything. How many times do we go to our friends just to vent and talk through our thoughts? And how many times do we go to our friends just wanting them to listen and not say anything at all? But how many times do our friends still give us advice or share their opinions even when we don't want them to? Sometimes we just want friends to listen, and not say anything at all; sometimes we just want to be in our own misery without that voice of reason. Now let's turn the table: How many times has a friend come to you wanting you to just listen and instead you gave them your opinion? How many times have you tried to fix a friend's problem with your "words of wisdom" instead of just listening? I'm a big culprit of not listening to my friends, especially since I love giving advice to people (hence I have a website full of it). But words can't always solve problems; there are times when they hurt rather than help. So I have a challenge for all of you ladies: When a friend asks you to listen, actually listen! Don't say something unless they ask you to, and don't share your opinion unless they are willing to hear it. There's an Irish proverb that says, "God gave us two ears and one mouth, so we ought to listen twice as much as we speak." Let's be like Job's friends and strive to comfort our friends simply and noiselessly. Enjoy your Monday ladies! Your Laughing Sister, Callahan

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