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Pain sucks, doesn't it?

Updated: Mar 14, 2019


"Then I should still have consolation and could exult through unremitting pain, because I have not transgressed the commands of the Holy One. What strength have I that I should endure, and what is my limit that I should be patient? Have I the strength of stones, or is my flesh of bronze? Have I no helper, band has my good sense deserted me? A friend owes kindness to one in despair, though he has forsaken the fear of the Almighty."

~Job 6:10-14

Pain sucks, doesn’t it?

The physical ailments that keep us from moving around and being productive weigh down heavily on us. The emotional destruction that loss brings can rise in our bodies like a fire so fierce we don’t stop to realize the bucket of water sitting next to us. And the mental turmoil of failure in the eyes of others and of God can cause us to break.

Yep. Pain really sucks.

And despite the plain, simple truth that pain is an awful part of life, we are still alive. And we still live with the pain, in whatever form in takes. Pain hurts and hurts and hurts, but we are still living.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that the pain I’m in won’t last forever. Different pains come and go, and the pain that persists won’t have a hold on my entire life. If I can just muster up the strength to get through the pain a little while longer, it’ll eventually pass, and I’ll be better for having endured it. I cling to the idea that, this too shall pass.

But then there’s the other kind of pain we are left with: Not doing the best we can in life because we were so focused on the actual pain we are in. The pain that is left is a life not completely lived.

I’ve had days where all I can do is concentrate on getting through the pain, even though it can be crippling and unbearable. I’ve had days where my emotions are so caught up in my personal pain that I fail to see what opportunities have laid themselves out around me. And that is a crying shame.

Here’s an idea: let’s not do that. Let’s not wallow away in self-pity. Let’s not complain about what we don’t have. Let’s not forget that it is God who has given us our pain for a reason.

I acknowledge that pain sucks, because it does. It really, truly sucks. But now I must also acknowledge that life will also suck if I keep living in the pain I know will eventually pass.

Don’t let the pain get in your way of happiness. Don’t let it drown you, don’t let it shut people out from your life, and don’t let it overcome God’s strength and purpose in your life. Don’t let it.

This too shall pass—even if it passes like a punch in the face.

Your Laughing Sister,


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