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This is what I believe.

Updated: Jan 10, 2019


"Jesus said to him, 'Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.'"

~John 20:29

I’ve been asked before why I believe what I believe. Why do I believe in God? Why do I believe that with Him, all things are possible? Why do I believe He is the one, true Savior, despite all the bad things that happen to me and around me?

At my school, our church is open every day. Depending on what time you decide to visit with Jesus, you may just find yourself alone in there. Alone to think, feel, react, or even talk to God, alone to figure life out.

It’s during the moments when I find myself alone with God that life suddenly makes sense. Not because I know where I’m going in life, not because all of my questions have been answered, but because sitting in front of Jesus allows me to remember that I am His. And it is so coherent and beautiful to be His.

Amidst all the struggles we face, it’s no wonder that we have a hard time believing in a God who would put those difficulties there in the first place. I can’t count the number of times I’ve looked up to the sky with tears in my eyes, wanting to shout or scream or do something irrational, just because I was angry with God for making life so unfair.

And yet, we must continue to believe. In fact, let’s throw out the word “believe”. It’s just a simple way of saying “faith”. We must continue to have faith. And where does this faith come from?

You got it: God.

Does any of this make sense? There’s no grand way to describe why we as Catholics and Christians believe in the Lord. There’s just the faith that he gives us. And one little ounce of faith can provide us with so much love that we don’t need to think twice about believing in Love Himself.

My confidence in having faith in God is steadfast. It is unbreakable, unwavering, and totally believable. Don’t let such confidence intimidate you; let it take you to God, to his love, and to the belief that he is really there watching over you. Because he undoubtedly is there.

This is what I believe. I have chosen to put my faith in the Maker of all things. And I have never felt so rewarded.

Your Laughing Sister,


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I'm a native Michigander and fierce city gal. Armed with my Bible and favorite pair of jeans, my passion is to help young women and girls connect with God through a courageous and faith-filled life. I also love photography, reading, and archery competitions with

my husband, Thomas.

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