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Where He Wants to Lead Us


"I know, LORD, that no one chooses their way, nor determines their course nor directs their own step. Correct me, LORD, but with equity, not in anger, lest you diminish me." ~Jeremiah 10:23-24

As Christmas gets closer and we all find ourselves shopping for gifts and singing holiday tunes, I can’t help but wonder about what’s next. It seems as if the entire month of December is reserved for cheerful gatherings and the coming of Jesus, and while that’s all fine and dandy, what about after Jesus comes?

We’re told that the Three Wise Men followed a star to look upon our Savior’s face. I know it’s not the feast of the Epiphany yet (that’s not until January), but they must have been following that star for a long while before actually gaining such a remarkable experience.

I guess what I’m saying is that during Christmas time, we as Christians and Catholics are so full of joy and longing for the Lord, just waiting to be led by him; but then New Years comes and goes, and are we still asking to be led? Do we still have that same desire to know the child that has already been born?

If we do, I don’t see it. All I see are people getting back to their lives after a great month of celebration.

But maybe this January that can change. Obviously, I can only change myself, but what if we all helped pray for one another to continue asking to be led by God? Can we all make a pact to do this?

I don’t want Christmas to be the only time we seek God’s wisdom—let’s be real: we should be seeking that 24/7.

So here’s my humble suggestion: let’s use this Christmas as a way to jumpstart our habit of asking God to guide us, just as the Wise Men were guided by that star. And after Christmas and New Years are over, let’s continue to ask for the Lord’s leadership all year round.

At that point, Jesus will already be here, so it’ll be a lot easier to ask him personally where he wants to lead us.

Your Laughing Sister,



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I'm a native Michigander and fierce city gal. Armed with my Bible and favorite pair of jeans, my passion is to help young women and girls connect with God through a courageous and faith-filled life. I also love photography, reading, and archery competitions with

my husband, Thomas.

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